GeneoTree is conceived to deploy easiest as possible your genealogy on the Net.
GeneoTree make end to complexs updates of your genealogy : you transfer your gedcom file, and clic on Upload Button !

GeneoTree is a dynamic application which use gedcom files, the more known format in genealogy.

GeneoTree is a complete software with original features as :
  • consanguinity lists,
  • cousins' lists,
  • dynamic trees,
  • prize list or PDF Reports on all forms.

  • Optimized ergonomics, no seizure, only clicks. No administration, no superfluous questions

    With GeneoTree, you rediscover your data.

    February 2018 : the release 3.8 is online.
       UTF-8 compatibility !
       Better ergonomy about themes, cartography and consanguinity.

    Geneotree is a genealogy software developped in PHP & MySQL.
    You just activate your MySQL base on your provider.
    His code is very short. About ten thousands lines of code, without frameworks (Pdfs and graphs edition)