GeneoTree is conceived to deploy easiest as possible your genealogy on the Net.
GeneoTree make end to complexs updates of your genealogy : you transfer your gedcom file, and clic on Upload Button !

GeneoTree is a dynamic application which use gedcom files, the more known format in genealogy.

GeneoTree is a complete software with original features as :
  • consanguinity lists,
  • cousins' lists,
  • dynamic trees,
  • prize list or PDF Reports on all forms.

  • Optimized ergonomics, no seizure, only clicks. No administration, no superfluous questions

    With GeneoTree, you rediscover your data.

    09 march 2016 : the release 3.60 is online.
    New design and Chrome compatibility !

    Geneotree is a genealogy software developped in PHP & MySQL.
    You just activate your MySQL base on your provider.
    His code is very short and optimized. About ten thousands lines of code, without frameworks (Pdfs and graphs edition)

    It is developped by a healthy person, so the maintenance is reliable for a long time -> i hope so :=).

    Damien Poulain