GeneoTree origins are in France

The original concept was to developpe features which aren't exist in other softwares.
For example, print a tree with brothers and sisters.
Then, the second concept was to have the maximum informations with a minimum of clics.
For example, notes and sources are displayed on-line in the third vertical sector of the screen.
Or still, tree acces are available in one clic since all application sceens

In 2005, a meeting with another genealogist programmer gave me a lot of motivation to create this project.


This software wasn't exist without some people.

In apparition order, a great thanks to :
- Olivier Plathey for his FPDF library
- Olivier Cado for ANSI - ANSEL conversion utility
- Charles from 'Coin des experts' for his help mouseclic javascript fonction
- Philippe, Frederic et Yann for their french countries maps
- Ian Back for his UTF-8 fpdf release
- Ugo for italian translate
- Markku for finish translate

Story of releases